Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Nematode Diagnostic Lab.

Nematodes outnumber every other animal on the planet.  Most nematodes in agricultural fields are beneficial to soil health, but some genera are parasites capable of causing yield loss to many crops. Nematode pests are not likely to disappear once they have invaded a field, but they can be managed.  Our assay service identifies plant parasitic nematodes to the genus level and estimates their potential to cause yield loss.  An accurate profile of the types and numbers of pest nematodes is important for explaining damage to the current crop, predicting damage to future crops, and selecting appropriate measures to keep nematode pests from reaching damaging levels.


2022 UPDATE:  Please drop off samples in 484 Russell Labs.  If no one is there, place the samples on the cart in the hallway with your contact information and a description of the site (crop and field history).  Email Dr. MacGuidwin (aem@plantpath.wisc.edu) if you have questions.